Marshmallow Root

The first thing I found out about marshmallow root is they used this to make marshmallows. Who knew right? Marshmallow root has amazing benefits and if there was ever a famine here you could use this to help get the minerals needed. It has mucilage property, which produces a thick sticky substance that coats membranes. Marshmallow root is an anti-inflammatory and helps speed up the healing process of inflammatory digestive disorders as well. Help relieve sore throats and reduce dry coughing. This soothing effect can help the inflamed and irritated tissues of not only the respiratory organs but also the digestive tract and urinary organs. Marshmallow root has also been used for the kidneys. Some will use it to cleanse their kidneys or urine track. As well as passing kidney stones. What it does is help increase the secretion and flow of urine increasing the flow of urine.

Alyssa Esparza


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